Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Big Ol' Nevermind After Another

OK  I don't think this blog is going to work.  I think I am just going to keep posting everything on my first blog, including my Alaska travels.  Somehow, I don't feel like compartmentalizing.  Don't want to write a mere travelog.  And I don't want to leave travels off my personal observations on the other blog.  Too bad, because wasn't this a good idea?  The name and picture and design and everything?  Oh well.  So for now, is where it's at...where it's all at.  That's alright, though, I'm still the Red Rover!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm beginning to wonder

How safe, really, is it for children out there?!

King Cove, April 2012

 The Salmon Berry Bed and Breakfast.  See that treacherous slope there?  That's what I traversed in my simple O&M shoes with my luggage.  We couldn't get vehicles down to the driveway.  On my last day, trucking up that hill, here's how our conversation went.
"Be careful, Penny."
"I hope you can get out." (referring to the car I had parked on top of the hill there)
Me, too
"Don't get stuck."
"Don't slow down."
"Don't go over the edge!"
Ooohh..Kaayyee...You can quit TAAALLLKING now...Good Bye!

These are eyes illuminated by the flash in my camera out my bedroom window.
 This is who those beady little green eyes belong to:  Eating canned salmon the B&B host threw out with some bacon for our furry little friends.  For Karen's sake (and anybody else's if it applies,) I won't post pictures of the fox pelts lying across the backs of chairs inside.  I just thought the whole thing ironic.

Baggage Claim at Cold Bay

My first time taking a real trip in a toy airplane:

I just kept remembering advice I got before I came to Alaska that I should only fly in these little airplanes if the pilots are old...or at least older than this little boy, I'm sure.  You already know the older pilots have survived.

Sand Point, April 2012

Pictures, and limited commentary, in no particular order, especially until I get the layout of this blog squared away.

This was taken at the airport this morning.  "Great Grammpa" and I were on the same flight. 

View from Harbor Cafe

View from AC grocery store where they charge BOO-KOO BUCKS for oh, I don't know...EVERYTHING?

Buckminster Fuller geodesic design house.  Can you tell those are little candy canes lining the walk?

Making Russian Easter Cake "Kuhlich" with nuts and raisens, NOT with candied fruit!